How To Remove Your Make Up

Sunday, July 31, 2011
How To Remove Your Make Up – To remove the makeup is the need of the clear and clean skin. If it is left as such it will leave the stains on your bed sheets and pillows but the chemicals in it ruin the skin texture. So to remove the makeup before going to bed is the essential part of the makeup. Otherwise it will enter in to the pores and the skin can not breathe properly.
The following tips are to be considered while removing the makeup
Makeup remover for eyes and for the rest of makeup is separately included in your makeup kit.  The good makeup remover contains the water, oil and vitamin E and vitamin B5. It has double action in its work to remove the make up and to nourish the skin   with suitable nutrients so that the chemical effects of the make up are recovered.
1 Olive Oil: Soak a cotton ball in olive oil. Squeeze out the extra oil from the
cotton and rub it gently across the eye make-up area. Olive oil is also an excellent conditioner for eyelashes.

2 Vaseline: Apply a small amount of Vaseline over your eye make-up. Now use a damp, warm cotton ball (soaked in lukewarm water) to remove the Vaseline and the eye make-up.

3 Baby shampoo/baby oil: Soak a cotton ball with either baby shampoo or baby oil. Now wipe off your make-up off with the cotton. Rinse off the area, using a cotton ball, soaked in lukewarm water.

4 Cold Cream: Cold creams can be used to remove eye make-up very easily. It even conditions the surrounding skin. All you have to do is apply cold cream over the eye area, and then wipe off with a cotton ball.

5 Eye make-up remover: Eye make-up remover is easily available in the market. Pour some of this solution into a cotton pad or ball and hold gently on the eyelid for a few seconds, allowing it to dissolve the make-up, especially the mascara. The cotton ball must then be gently wiped across the eyelid and under the eye. Wash your face with lukewarm water.


    Rose water with some lavender or olive oil mixed in to it serve as the good makeup cleanser Fresh cream milk with lemon juice also a good cleanser and remove the eye makeup.

Mix the castor oil, canola oil and olive oil and wipe off the eye makeup