Stylish Arabic Mehndi Designs For Feet 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Arabic Mehndi is really popular not only in Arab globe but also in countries similar to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and some European countries. classically Arabic Mehndi designs constitute multifaceted designs done with sharp Mehndi cones but with the latest trends even they have evolved and in progress using bold cones for overwhelming Arabic Mehndi designs. test out some fashionable Mehndi (henna) designs for feet.

The design on feet and on legs is new beautiful and fine. Fashionable put extremely wonderfully the twigs of curvy shape and the put the nodes of plants which looks so chilly on fingers. On legs, the designer use same technique as he/she adopt on hands with a little change.
Subsequent Bridal Mehndi design is the Indian copy of above Arabic wedding Mehndi Design. Expensive did the small changes and makes this Mehndi Design additional good-looking but in Indian style. Stipulation you look at the design cautiously you will observe that the both Bridal Mehndi Designs are same with slight cultural changes.