Dress Bridal Shoes

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
They have to be just right. Could there be a more special occasion? You’re getting married! Details are everything and what could be more important than finding the perfect shoes ? When you find them, you know it. And even though the search is almost as fun picking out Halloween candy for the kids (because you know you’re going to get some) the discovery is even better.
You wear them like the bride you always pictured with an extra tinge of thrill because you realize you never could have imagined it quite like this. You’re a bride to be envied. Take a moment to revel in it.

Then you wake up. It’s a month later and every time you open your closet, you’re staring at a pair of gorgeous shoes that don’t go with anything. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some examples that prove that beauty doesn’t have to be a one-night .
Classy and simple, the open-toed Pandora elegantly displays a hint of your pedicure while a thin ankle strap wraps around the back of your heel and the top of your foot . The silver brocade upper adds a touch of sophistication to any wedding ensemble. The leather sole and three-inch heel raise you and the moment to new heights and the lightly padded foot bed makes sure every landing is cushioned and comfortable.

But, when the ceremony is all said and done and girls’ night out is way overdue, Pandora is truly unleashed! This high-heeled sandal can close the club. Perfect for those nights when a little extra is in order. Wear them with your favorite jeans to add an edge to casual. Spike that flirtatious skirt. Or celebrate at a holiday party with an air of confidence and grace. Nothing can bend with your mood like Pandora.