Platinum Necklace

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Jewelry pieces are available in a wide array of metals. Perhaps the two most common metals which one will see with jewelry are gold and platinum. For those who like white-tone jewelry, white gold and platinum present two options for jewelry shoppers to choose from if they are searching for a higher end metal which is durable and considered to fit within the fine jewelry category. The following will list some things to consider in order to determine which type of jewelry metal is right for you.

When comparing the two types of metal, platinum tends to be a bit more durable in consistency than white gold. Although both metal varieties in a jewelry item should be treated with care, the platinum items may be able to handle a bit more wear and tear than their white gold counterparts. If you are searching for a ring, necklace , bracelet or other type of jewelry piece which is durable then platinum might be your best bet.

Although both white gold and platinum are of a whitish color, white gold is only so due to the adding of alloys to pure gold. White gold is usually comprised of a combination of metals such as gold, silver, palladium , zinc, and copper. In order to make the color whiter a coating of rhodium is often placed on top of the white gold. On the other hand, platinum jewelry is already a whitish color and does not usually need rhodium to be placed on top of it in order to whiten the overall color.