Ferrari Motorcycle in Red Dream

Monday, April 4, 2011
What happens when the prancing pony meets Akira? You get this beautiful Ferrari motorcycle, created by Amir Glinik and we can’t believe it’s only a concept. This hottie packs a Ferrari V4 Integrated Drive Unit and its driver will use a touchscreen computer to manage its systems.

You may notice the presence of those cool looking hand controls… Well, they’re inspired by the “throttle quadrant of a F16 jet fighter”.
The above-mentioned PC helps control the suspensions of the vehicle, the driving mode and the tech stuff doesn’t end here, as this Ferrari bike’s got an anti theft device incorporated plus radio and GPS. On the motorcycle’s display you’ll be able to monitor all liquids and temperatures, so you’ll keep it safe, while keeping it sci-fi and cool.
More shots of the Ferrari concept motorcycle below!