Honda Zeppelin Supercar of 2009

Monday, April 4, 2011
It’s very rare that we get to see 2009 concepts lately, so feast your eyes on the Honda Zeppelin design pictured below, made by Myung Jin Jung. The creator of the vehicle is a student at the Hongik University, following the car design course. Zeppelin was the designer’s final year project, as he was required to create a luxury sedan of the future.

Honda Zeppelin looks like a combo between Citroen GT and the newest Batmobile, the one from “The Dark Knight”. Its name (and shape) was inspired by airships, but this is still a luxurious piece of machinery. Notice the asymmetric line running from the hood and along the roofline, till the car’s rear end.
Forget about the standard winshed on this futuristic super car, that relies on an interior video display, providing much greater field of vision. Honda Zeppelin’s doors are shaped in the gullwing style and inside you’ll find luxury sittings, also inspired by air crafts. The front seats are swilling and can be turned to face the rear ones in the “Entertainment Mode”.