Decorating Articles

Sunday, August 9, 2009
Not every article relates to decorating a specific room or in a specific style. A lot of the decorating articles and stories that are on My Interior have to do with decorating with pattern, how to f aux finish a wall, what is under that fabric on your sofa.This section of My Interior is designed to help you understand all the extras in decorating your home like decorating with color, getting your home organized before you start decorating, using pattern in your home, how to paint, f aux finish and things like that. When you came to this page and on every page related to our decorating articles, the left hand menu has changed to make navigating easy. In each main section you will find links to the decorating articles divided out according to categories. On each page you will find articles as well as possibly some books relating to decorating and links to products in the store for easier shopping.