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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Learn How to Decorate the Home of Your Dreams
Without Wasting Time, Money or Needless Frustration

Do you wish you knew how to decorate with confidence? Have you always wanted to know how the "pro's" make it all work? Do you hate flipping through magazines of beautiful rooms because you don't think you can pull it off? Aren't you tired of your home not being a place you love and aren't you tired of not wanting people to visit?

If you answered YES to any one of those questions, then you MUST keep reading! I have the answer for you!
It's amazing and sometimes outrageous the extremes we will take to decorate our homes. I want to help you decorate the home of your dreams without worry of making mistakes and wasting time or money. We all dream about the "perfect" home. To some it may be a home on 2.5 acres that others will ooh and aah over, to another it may be a comfortable townhouse where friends come to "hang out," to others its a place that all the neighborhood kids congregate and to still others its an apartment of high style.

Regardless of what your home is now or what your definition of "perfect" is, there are ways you can take control to make your home EXACTLY what YOU want it to be!

You can:

  • Eliminate the embarrassment & humiliation of a home that is unattractive and uncomfortable
  • Gain tons of self confidence because you have created a home you consider "perfect"
  • Save money for that dream vacation or the kid's college fund by making purchases wisely
  • Possess the power to take control over decorating your home
  • Boast proudly in something you created
  • Enjoy that dream vacation with all the extra time you will save
  • Ooze joy and happiness because your home is all you hoped and dreamed it could be
  • Take control of your home instead of allowing it to take control of you

If you are like me, you get overwhelmed by all the choices and options that are out there to decorate your home. You may run from here to there buying things without knowing if they are really going to work in your room, but you hope they will. When you get home, it is very obvious they won't work. So, you go back to the store to return everything. TWO wasted trips! Who has time for that?

Or, you may become paralyzed by not knowing what to choose so you end up doing nothing! Your home won't get decorated this way!

There is hope and I want to share the secret with you.

I want to show you how you can:

  • Feel confident in knowing how to decorate your home like a pro
  • Make wise decorating decisions
  • Gain the know-how of professionals
  • Decorate your home and save money!
  • Finish a decorating project without losing your mind or marriage
  • Stay organized and focused with any decorating project
  • Make all your friends envious of your beautiful home
  • Find the solutions to all your decorating dilemma's
  • Feel endless joy and happiness in your home.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rhonda Morin and I am the owner and creator of a web site called My Interior, and the author of The Decorating Bible. I have been an interior designer for 20 years. I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Interior Design. My career quickly began designing offices, restaurants, and upscale homes in the Washington, DC area. I had an interesting stint as a display person in an interior design showroom that later worked itself into room arrangements in people's homes. I got to move furniture around and arrange accessories. Later I began working on model homes, one of which was featured in an area newspaper.

I closed a portion of my residential interior design business to sell services on the Internet in 1997. Because of the fear lots of people have about purchasing services over the Internet, my message about how easy and inexpensive it is to decorate your home was not getting out there. I decided to hold nothing back and spill my 14 years of experience.

It was honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done. I felt like I was selling out my profession by giving away the methods I use to design a home for a client.

Being an interior designer, I have trained and gained experience to help people decorate the homes of their dreams. I do believe it is the purpose of my life to assist others in creating beautiful comfortable environments that express who they are. And that is why I wrote this book!

Interior Designers, like myself, have insights and training that will help you create your "perfect" home. Many people have a natural talent for decorating and it does take that talent and passion for interiors to make a good designer, but with years of training and experience, the professionals have tips, tricks and ideas to get your end result faster and with less cost and frustration. When you take action and decide to purchase The Decorating Bible, you will:

  • Have time to do all the things you've been putting off because you won't be worrying about decorating your house anymore! Everything is laid out for you, no more endless hours spent trying figure out where to put the sofa and chairs or what type of artwork would work best in the family room.
  • Have more money! Well, maybe not if you are extravagant in your tastes or don't manage your money well. But you will certainly SAVE money by not purchasing things that are wrong for your home based on a whim or lack of direction.
  • Not be frustrated any longer because you just don't know what to do to make your home all you want it to be!
  • Have the power to purchase items when and where you want! For those of you who like to shop, you can still shop and bargain hunt, you will just be guided and directed to purchase the correct things. No more running back and forth to the store because you bought the wrong piece.
  • Have the confidence in your home to entertain at the drop of a hat! Your home has been designed by you with the help of a professional interior designer exactly the way you it should be for you and your family and the way you live.
  • Have confidence in YOURSELF because you have the power to make decisions and take action to create the home of your dreams! You will know where to begin, what to do first and how to make the room come together.
  • Have a home you can be proud of!


For some, it's hiring a designer or decorator. But working with an interior designer or decorator can be costly and scary. Professional's typically charge anywhere from $75-250 per hour. Some designers design spaces based on their likes and dislikes or trends and not based on your families likes and dislikes. Finding the right person to work with can be timely and often times intimidating.

For some, they decide to decorate based on things they have learned from friends and family. Those people although offering a loving opinion, may be swaying you towards their style and not yours. Also not trained, they may not know all the answers and secrets to selecting the right fabrics and colors or knowing how to arrange the furniture for your room. You waste time and money buying the wrong things only to have a home that is perfect for your friend or family member but doesn't quite do it for you.

And there are some who are just too scared to do anything so they just do nothing! This is very sad because you live in a home that is limiting your hope and value. You may not have the confidence to decorate your home, so you feel these feelings of defeat and frustration, which projects itself in your daily life.

Where are you?

There is one last group of people, those who have learned the secrets and taken action to decorate their homes with confidence.

What is this secret solution?

The Decorating Bible!

The Decorating Bible is the Last Book on Decorating You Will Ever Need to Buy!

It provides step by step instruction on how to decorate. It is an easy to read, easy to understand, fool-proof way to decorate.One reader said: "I can't tell you how pleased I am with your book. You packed in so much valuable knowledge, literally giving me a great basic education in design. Now I think I can manage to decorate my own home with more confidence and skill.

"I've read many articles and books on interior decorating, but this one really cut to the core quickly and walked me step-by-step through the creative and technical process of design. Perfect for the non-decorator.

"I'm excited about gathering swatches of fabric and clips of design examples in magazines as you suggested. Surely, my own personal "style" will emerge."Truly, I was born without any sense of color or design. It's taken me many years just to feel comfortable enough to hang things on my walls and paint a different color other than off-white.

"Thank you for a wonderful book...and for my new found self-confidence!-LP

Another reader: I just finished reading The Decorating Bible through for the first time. I was a little skeptical in the beginning but desperate. I have to say the book is worth every penny just for your encouraging words alone! I've always thought of myself as a pretty good decorator but I see alto of room to improve after reading your book. Thanks for so many great ideas- I'm sure I'll be reading your book many, many more times.-MM

When you purchase The Decorating Bible, you will learn:

  • how to find your style
  • how to determine what you want & don't want
  • how to get organized and stay organized
  • where to begin in YOUR home & your decorating project
  • how to draw a floor plan
  • how to arrange furniture correctly, piece by piece, without breaking your back
  • how to select furniture that is appropriate for you and your home
  • how to work with color & patterns, just like the designers do
  • how to combine patterns and colors in a room
  • functions and benefits of different kinds of window treatments
  • how to select the correct type of "curtain" for your home
  • how to use artwork to your homes best advantage
  • how to hang artwork
  • where to hang artwork
  • how to place accessories
  • how to work with scale, style, color, texture and pattern
  • step by step help in decorating the home of your dreams
So why is this book better than any other book out there?

First, you get step by step instruction on how to hang artwork, place accessories, pick out colors and patterns, where to place color and pattern, how to select furniture, how to arrange furniture….. The list is endless. There is no stone left unturned.

Secondly, because the book has been created as an e book, you can download it right now and start reading! With any of the online booksellers, you have to wait until the book is delivered. With traditional bookstores, you need to pile the kids in the car. Lock up the house and drive down to the store. Get the kids out of the car and then look book by book reading spines and trying to find the solutions to your questions based on the selection they currently have in-stock. You can receive The Decorating Bible while your kids are sleeping, or whatever other great crisis is occurring in your home. (As a test one night, I downloaded the book while I took my dog for a walk. It was done when I got back.)

Just a note on E book's: They are BOOKS you read on your computer. You download them like you would a computer program and once you click to open them, you have access to all the chapters, images and click able links to things on the Internet. This book is saved as an Adobe Acrobat file, which means anyone can read it, using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Third, you get me! Yes, me! I am always an email away. If you don't understand something or you are having trouble with your room, send an email or pick up the phone and together we will find your solution.

And finally, where the Bible teaches man to be fishers of men, The Decorating Bible will teach man and woman to decorate the homes of their dreams. To my knowledge, there is not as extensive a book out there on the way to design a home for each individual's specific style, wants, and needs. This book was designed to teach you how to do this yourself!

As I discussed before, some designers charge between $75-250 per hour. They charge this to you EACH TIME THEY WORK WITH YOU or on your project. Some designers work on a commission basis. They do not make money for the time they spend at your home working with you. They make money from the things they sell you and thus, wish to sell you lots of things.

The Decorating Bible eliminates this cost. When averaged out per room, the book costs less than $3 per room and it can be used over and over again is a pretty good deal.

The Decorating Bible costs $19.99.


Don't decide now if this is right for you or not. Go ahead and download the book and read it. If you decide the book doesn't teach you everything I have discussed here, I will give you your money back. Simple, eh?

There is absolutely no risk!

There is a little catch though, there is always a catch. :-) You have to ask for your refund within 30 days of purchase. Just send an email to me with your email address, name, and receipt number and I will make sure you get your money back. It's a simple little catch, but not a painful one.