Decorating Software

Sunday, August 9, 2009
Because you are reading this most likely on a computer, you can probably understand that software makes life easier. It helps us speed up tasks that could take hours if we were doing them by hand. Decorating software is no different. There are so many different software programs out there that can help you do just about anything but what program you end up with will be determined by what you need to do.

This is the neatest tool I have seen in quite some time. This is an internet based service and download that allows you to set up your home, a room, an addition, whatever, and see it in "blueprint" form (flat) or in 3D (three dimensions), hence the name. What I like most about it is you can move walls, add toilets, add a window or door or an opening, put your furniture in different areas in different ways and you can see how the room will work and you can actually walk through it. For the "visually challenged" this is a great program to show you how different furniture arrangements will actually look in your home. How you will walk from the living room past the new sofa and around the coffee table to the new comfortable chair in the window. How is it going to look in your home? Check it out and see for yourself!

3D Home Architect® Home Design Deluxe 6

3D Home Architect® Home Design Deluxe 6 is a program that you install on your computer. You can either download it or order it on disks. Much like Plan3D this program lets you build a home or a single room and basically walk through it in 3D. You can view a plan in a 2D or flat blueprint like plan and then “magically” it will create the 3D to allow you to see how things are relating to each other.

This program allows you at add colors and textures, various fabrics, artwork, lamp styles, furniture heights and lots of various other features. When you can look at all of this together you can make determinations if you want to add something or take it away before you make your start shopping.

3D Home Architect® Home Design Deluxe 6 Download

Whether you're embarking on a serious building project or simply experimenting with home design ideas, find everything you need in 3D Home Architect® Home Design Deluxe 6.* Convenient wizards and tutorials help you create basic plans fast, while unlimited customization guarantees a flawless finished project. Easy to use, yet powerful enough to generate buildable blueprint-style plans, 3D Home Architect® Home Design Deluxe 6 is the only design program you need.